Fancy Color Diamonds

color diamond gemstone jewelry

Some natural fancy color diamonds are very expensive and out of the reach of most buyers. Colors like red, pink, and blue diamonds can be hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Diamond is one of the few gemstones that are available all possible colors. There are more common colors available and then there are some extremely rare colors. Yellow is probably the most common fancy color diamonds followed by brown….. at the other end of the spectrum are red fancy color diamonds.

Natural fancy color diamonds are a whole separate and different world from that of the world of colorless diamonds. There are some companies that specialize in only fancy color diamonds. Many of the guidelines that are used in colorless diamonds change when it comes to these fancy color diamonds because it makes one of the 4Cs more important than the others.

The ā€œCā€ that I’m talking about is Diamond Color, how deep and how pleasing the color will become more important than the Diamond Cut, Diamond Clarity, or the Diamond Carat Weight. Many times the diamond cutters will want to make fancy color diamonds with thicker girdles, deeper pavilions, and thicker crowns in order to deepen the body color.

The GIA system of describing a fancy color diamond is not a unique system of describing the qualities of color. There are 3 main components to consider with fancy color diamonds. fancy-color-scale

First the hue is considered and if you are familiar with a color wheel this should not be too difficult to understand. There are primary colors as as you move around the wheel you will be able to generate many different colors.

Next is the lightness or darkness of that color. And finally there is the intensity (saturation) of the color.

So a fancy color diamond could have a color stated on a report as- vivid yellow, deep organgy pink, vivid purplish pink, light yellow, etc. Here’s a great article about canary color (yellow) diamonds that should interest you…

I once had a chance to see the “Butterfly of Peace” which was a collection of natural fancy color diamonds that also fluoresced in many different colors. It took a NYC diamond dealer, from Aurora Gems, 12 years to build this collection and it is truly amazing to see!!!

I could probably make an entirely new website just dealing with fancy color diamonds! You will have to hunt around and you’ll need a lot of help if you are really interested in one of these stones. In my travels, I have seen some independent jewelry stores offer fancy colored diamonds. besides being exciting and beautiful it also offers them a way to be a bit different than other diamond retailers especially the bigger national jewelry chain stores.

The colors of fancy color diamonds are usually compared to stuff you can eat or drink… actually nice stuff to eat and drink! How about a nice chocolate fancy colored diamond? Maybe a champagne, a cognac, a peach, or a coffee colored diamond! Wow, I have to stop now…. I’m getting hungry.

– Important Take Away Points –

#1- A fancy color diamond grading report from a respected grading lab should accompany all expensive fancy colored diamonds that are being sold as natural. The reports will attest that the color is indeed natural.

There are many fancy color diamonds that wouldn’t warrant the additional cost for a grading report…. mostly in the yellow, brown, and green colors.

#2- Of course there is an alternative, how about color enhanced diamonds? They could also be a good choice…. check them out…. add a little color to your life!