HerPreciousJewelry.com F.A.Q.

yellow gold diamond ringQ: How are you able to sell diamond and gold jewelry for such a low price?

A: Because we work directly with some of the largest diamond importers and jewelry manufactures in the U.S., we are able to offer you factory direct prices, without the middle man. For more specific information about us, click here.

Q:Are there any sort of warranties that come with your items?

A: Because we make each item ourselves, we are able to offer a LIFETIME warranty on all craftsmanship. If at any time you have a concern or question about your item, simply send it back and we will correct the problem for no charge to you. For more information on our lifetime warranty, click here

Q: Do you have any sort of appraisal with your products?

A: We will provide you an estimated appraisal for insurance purposes on any diamond jewelry purchase over $250.00

Q: Since I am buying this item without seeing it in person, is there any sort of return policy you offer?

A: YES, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked full refund policy. After 30 days, we have a lifetime return policy, with a 15% restocking fee.

Q:Do I get anything else with my purchase?

A: YES, you have a lifetime upgrade policy with all diamond jewelry purchases above $250.00. Click here for more information regarding our upgrade policy.

Q: How should I take care of gemstone jewelry?

gemstone ringA: Even though most gemstones are hardy and durable, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken care of. Most gemstones can be damaged or their appearances permanently altered simply by the continual exposure to household chemicals, temperature changes or other such naturally occurring conditions.

• Cleaning

After you are done removing your gemstone jewellery, dip it in warm water that has a liquid detergent mixed in it. Clean it with a soft brush, and then clean your stone with a lint free (or any other soft) cloth so that any remaining dirt can be removed.

• Storing

Due to their hard surface, diamonds can often put scratches on other gemstones or metals. This is why it is a wise decision to store single pieces of diamond jewellery in soft cloth pouches, or in jewellery boxes.

• Wear

Even though gemstones have a hard surface, it does not mean that they’re indestructible. Always make sure that you take off your gemstone jewellery when doing any physical activity that might expose them to damage. Also, remember to wear your jewellery after you’re done with applying makeup, and take it off the first thing when you’re done wearing them.

Our Philosophy

In an industry with a centuries-old history of controversial practices, we take great pride in our high standards of ethical conduct and quality workmanship.  Our diamond philosophy outlined below is grounded in these principles.

  • Common vs. Rare
  • Industry Practice
  • Colorless diamonds are marketed as the rarest gems on earth.
  • Our Position

In actual fact, colorless diamonds are geologically common. There is great beauty in a colorless diamond, but there are many natural fancy colored stones including natural green diamonds that are just as beautiful but significantly rarer.

Prices are set in proportion to rarity, so some diamonds are outside the budget of most consumers.  But there are still diamonds available for those who desire a stone that is truly unique and memorable.

Our Philosophy

We specialize in manufacturing rare naturally occurring diamonds jewelry. We are committed to educating customers about the true value of any stone they are considering for purchase. We provide a “no pressure” environment where our customers are not “pushed” to buy a diamond for the benefit of our bottom-line, but rather are encouraged to make a purchase decision based on factual information and individual preferences.